Who is behind Give A Hand.ch?

The founders of Give a Hand.ch originated as seven individuals from the region of Bern, of whom three are migrants themselves. They bring with them a wide array of career experiences, and comprise of all age groups and different nationalities. They all share in common the vision of the empowerment movement, which inclines migrants to understand and know their rights, in order to access practical information, that are key to transitioning their skills and the furtherance of their possibilities. If these assets are missing in the organization's team, they go out of their way and strive to solve all cases by hiring low-cost and qualified personnel to attend to the casework.

The seven founders possess ten different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Albanian, Tigrinya, Amharic, Arabic, and Somalian.

The members of the organization bring resources from many fields. The team has two intercultural translators, and  many who have experience in social welfare issues and adult education. Three founders have formidable schooling and experience as commercial business staffers. Two founders are retired and provide the value of time as the greatest resource. The initiation of the organization's website and other IT concerns are provided for through the secretary of the organization. Furthermore there is the possibility of contact with lawyers in the fields of asylum seekers, foreigners and family law.