Article in the "Thuner Tagblatt"

An article was published in the "Thuner Tagblatt" about Annelies and the "Heroes of everyday Life" award.

Thuner Tagblatt

Our Election Office

My Eritrean brothers Yikalo and Mehretab are busy gathering votes for Give a amongst their friends. That's how democracy works! ;-) 



Heroes of Everyday Life Award

Our co-initiator and consultant Annelies Djellal-Müller was nominated for the desired «Helden des Alltags 2015» award. This award is given to people, who show extraordinary behavior by doing voluntary work. The winner will be announced on the 20. March. You can vote for Annelies on the website of SRF.

Vote for Annelies

The nominees presented themselves on the show "Treffpunkt". You can listen to this on the following website:


Report 2015

Even to us who keep on working daily for the association, the figures which can be found on page 9 and following were a surprise at first. Give a is alive! - as our report on 2015 clearly reveals. 

Report 2015

Driving People into illegality

Give a is appauled by those useless decisions which drive even more People into illegality. As Long as the there are no proofs that the Situation in Eritrea has changed and that there is Access for NGOs and the UN, it is irresponsible of our authorities to say that a Person isn't in danger. "in dubio pro reo" is one of the principal Fundaments of our justice syste...These decisions Show: Here, our justice System isn't working any longer.