Why Give A Hand.ch?

The expression “to give a hand” signifies to yield a helping favor – to provide a service.

We want the organization's name to symbolize that in light of different backgrounds we want to give each other a helping hand, in a greater effort that we mutually animate a sense of forward-moving environment for all (Empowerment).


The founders of the organization have at their disposal resources, which to some may serve as the means for a positive outcome (Assistance).


The slogan “Our diversity is our strength” is our basis. Here the potential is to view each person's individual case as a complement to the joint effort and with these initiatives they give a greater sense of understanding that will prosper the society as a whole (Resource orientation instead of resource deficits-return).


Give a Hand.ch is an organization ruled by Ar. 60ff ZGB, which is politically and religiously neutral and is in all respects a not for profit (non-profit) organization.


The goal is to assist migrants facing financial instability, in their pursuit to better their diplomatic and societal situations, in the form of supplied information, consulting, guidance and intercultural translations when it becomes necessary to alleviate interactions with landlords, schools, social welfare, agencies etc. Our offer betters integration for migrants into Swiss society and in the long-run avoids misunderstandings found in language and sociocultural differences between migrants and Swiss natives. Occurrences of misunderstandings and current disputes are the central practice of the organization, in order to bring about mutual terms for all parties involved.