How Give a works

In order to avoid exclusion of immigrated persons, the organization wants to bridge a gap between nationals and migrants. With the assistance of key-players, who possess many years of experience in migration and the empowerment work, there is a push for reliance and trust to be gained within certain communities and its members. The core members of these communities shall accept the organization's services in order to understand the special services being offered. The knowledge of the consultant can thereafter be shared to other members in the community. In this manner the organization assists each situation with correlative progression and can provide newcomers with necessary information for their best interests.

After confirmed membership to the organization, every person has at their disposal each year an all inclusive first consultation. Intercultural translations and individuals requiring certain services may be funded by the organization. The organization accepts any memberships who believe in the empowerment movement and visions, and abides by the organization's bylaws.

When necessary, issues in communication with government agencies are assisted by translators.

Regular informative publications and press releases from the organization provide migrants information concerning the Swiss System. Nationals by way of articles shall be provided means to correspond to the sociocultural backgrounds of migrants who were assisted. This will ultimately promote mutual understanding between long-time nationals and newcomers.

Additionally pertinent information will be disturbed through other sources. In this manner the organization will keep a current website running with updates. At a later point in time, public events and meetings will take place, which will have specified themes on Swiss bureaucracy that provide plentiful informative substance to migrants, and also by design to government personnel and agencies, city halls and offices, schools, etc. Generally these events will be organized by intercultural translators.

In both the spirit of the casework proceedings and the financial accounting, it is important to state that both internal and external transparency will prevail. The duty to protect personal data and to work with professional discretion from our consultants is self-explanatory. Regulatory supervision shall establish that the quality of the services rendered are set at a high quality standard and remains consistently so.

These services by individual persons intend to minimize and relieve the increasingly overworked government agencies and facilities. Establishing contact with the region's institutions and facilities is a must. The organization does not want to undo already operative proceedings, for instance for competitive purposes, yet wants to rather complete proceedings, for example with orientational material to existing offers, whereby achieves the ideal goal of Give a